I was born in Switzerland and I’m Turkish origin. I live and work based in Istanbul. I studied electrical engineering. I worked in different multinational companies for many years. With my profession I traveled to over 40 countries and became a passionate photographer. In 2008 I left engineering and pass to professional life in photography.

I discovered photography as a way to understand the world or reality by images correlated to symbols of the mind or patterns of the myths and viceversa; to declare our minds or myths to the world or reality. I specialize in advertising and product photography. Besides my professional life at the studio, I have not neglected to feed my passion on the streets by working on social photography projects. Many of them are long period photo documentary projects focused on working conditions or different social or economical classes of the society. I speak Italian, English and Turkish fluently, and basic French. I like to travel, scuba diving, riding motorbikes, cooking and play percussion.